The Course of Empires: Desolation (Thomas Cole)

Canada as a nation has failed for generations to produce the quality of men capable of leading its citizens out of the current death-spiral it is experiencing. While this affliction has affected the entire western world, Canada has been slow to mount a response to its creeping necrosis.  

Right-wing and reactionary movements in Canada have for decades been plagued by structural inadequacies that have shaped its existence as an ineffective and disjointed movement. If victory is ever to be achieved, these failures need to be addressed seriously in a concentrated effort that is deserving of a situation as serious as the fate of our nation and people. 

This article does not dissect every single cultural and political failing that is affecting Canada. It is a critique of the right that does not find an ideological home in the CPC or PPC, but often involves itself in these parties out of necessity for change. 


No strong justification for the continuation of Canadian identity

At the very core of a nation must be a reason for its existence, a reason for all the hardships and challenges that its people endure. This justification for the continuation of Canadian identity must also be strong enough that it eclipses hostile actors and the erosion that comes with complacency and comfort.  

Americanization of Canadian identity and cultural battles

Chiefly among these threats is the Americanization of Canadian identity and its cultural battles. It is trite to say that Canada has come under the spell of Americanism. What is less commonly discussed is how our co-patriates and leaders use language and perceptions that are solely rooted in the American ethos. Too much of our collective energy and money is wasted on movements that espouse ideologies that are anything but Canadian. Canadian libertarianism, shallow republicanism, and fiscal austerity as emblematic of “conservativism” is a dead end for which no one is willing to sacrifice their reputation and comfort. 

Regionalism (Quebec, The West)

Another issue among the right is that for those that have given up hope on federalism, regional identities have taken its place. The desire for balkanization limits the approachability of a movement down to the people that live in that new area. These movements have taken energy and money from any attempt to take back a complete Canadian identity from its current custodians.  

Generations of failure

The Canadian Erosion has been a constant for so many generations, that many of its young men are finding fewer and fewer cultural artifacts, practices, and symbols with which to connect themselves to the men that came before them. Every generation of youth that comes into this sphere full of energy and ambition is not met by a wise vanguard of experienced political actors. There is no public organization that can absorb this youthful energy. Instead, they are left on their own to be either demotivated or fall victim to the same youthful energy that could benefit a proper organization. They are left in the cold and oftentimes their inexperience can lead them to danger. 

Pointing out hypocrisy and apologizing for our history is not how to win

Pointing out hypocrisy and apologizing for our history is not how we win. Colonization and conquest shaped this continent, and it was by far a virtuous endeavour. While we, its political advocates, may acknowledge that this may have disadvantaged certain ethnic groups, the right must project a completely unapologetic façade against the masses. An impartial, non-political Canadian will never side with the side that acknowledges that its ideological precursors were “monsters”. 

We have to be unapologetic, just how the left is when defending its flaws

As the left never acknowledges the horrors of Indians tribal wars, or even the blood poured in the pursuit of a Marxist utopia, the right must have the same political savviness to know when to talk, and when to not. This complacency in using cries of hypocrisy is useless for one main reason; It is only reactive to action done by our opposition. At the very best it can temporarily halt the tide, but that kind of rhetoric can never be used to claw back lost ground or win a battle where we decide the terms that the government must reach. Because there are few individuals with capital in these groups, it has become very susceptible to subversion by those that do. This can steer momentum and money towards groups that exist only to exploit a political niche that does not yet have a capitalist to draw money from its viewers/members. A common thread ties all these exploitative groups together.  

They do not disagree fundamentally with anything the left is doing, rather they want it to go only at a slower speed. This position gives the left total control over the direction of the country as they are the only ones advocating change. The left is eating our lunch, and the right’s only contention is how big the bites ought to be. We should be doing the same thing to them. But often our outrage at the system is funnelled into kosher issues like economic policy. To fight effectively requires us to engage in cultural issues as well. We, at the very least, need to show up to the field. For that to occur (and to be successful) we need a strong foundational morality that can directly oppose the morality that the left preaches. The left wins because its leaders are all ideologically consistent and have a moral foundation to help interpret new conflicts/issues in ways right-wingers do not, and are therefore too slow to react. 

Infantilization of the right 

 Anyone that has gone to any sort of mass-rally, or any vaguely right wing real-real event will realize that the activist base of the right wing is not exactly the cream of the crop. By and large, our “leaders” are people that fell through the cracks of society. While they may have some right-wing convictions, they are simply at the front because they are the only people that have nothing left to lose. This does not present a good image to the normal unbiased Canadian. While the left has this same problem, it is not enough that the public stay impartial. We absolutely need to be more presentable than the opposition.  

The types of people that end up in these positions end up being low class and thuggish, physically and intellectually. Their opposition to the status quo tends to be as all-encompassing as an ocean but as shallow as a puddle. Poor oratory is so common that there seems to be no differentiation between political speech/action versus the type of speech used among a group of men at a campfire.  

The higher age of the average activist base may be the largest reason for their cultural disconnect, but another is the lack of a central thought leader to keep a standard that others can aspire to. This will be crucial for our future. If competing factions are not kept in line by a central movement/leader its branches will compete until more energy is devoted to pulling down each other instead of uplifting and supporting our own. When looking for leaders of good quality, mere opposition or discomfort to the contemporary should not be seen as enough for this struggle, a man must devote himself, his body, and his mind to a cause. 


Performative outrage for the sake of cash and fame will no longer suffice. Entertainment and levity at the expense of tone and the severity of our situation are no longer needed. If we want to overcome this period of struggle and carve our own space out within Canada, we must cast aside the wasteful and decrepit things that have failed and try a new approach.