The Freedom Caucus is leading the charge against the tyrannical Trudeau regime, holding rallies across Canada, and recently came together for the first ever End The Lockdowns Press Conference. Events like this are vital to maintaining truth and transparency in our country.

Derek Sloan, MP for Hastings-Lennox & Addington, opened up the first Anti-Lockdown Caucus press conference with a bang on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021. His opening statement described the End the Lockdowns caucus, a group of over 60 interparliamentary politicians from the federal, provincial and municipal level that come from over 7 different provinces. They believe, in the words of Mr. Sloan, “the use of the lockdowns as experienced in this country have been disproportionate to protecting us from COVID in relation to the harms that they have caused.” 3 other distinguished members of the caucus join him on the stage to address the lockdowns on multiple levels during the press conference. Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston spoke about Ontario, Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, spoke about Quebec, and Pastor Michael Theissen spoke about the impacts on churches. None of them wore masks during the conference as masks aren’t necessary and they are real human beings.

Derek Sloan outlines multiple failures at the federal level to stop COVID from entering Canada. He mentioned how Taiwan closed its borders almost immediately (January 1st, 2020), actions that the Canadian public health authorities called “racist and ineffective” for months, even though they clearly worked. Taiwan had only 11 total COVID deaths to date. Clearly it was very effective. He mentioned that the elderly weren’t taken care of adequately, even though they are posed the highest risk of suffering from COVID. As well, medicines to treat COVID, like Invermectin, were denied by Canadian health authorities because they weren’t confident enough in it, even though they are very confident in the vaccine, which is clearly shown to have problems. A seriously scary item noted was the major increase in suicides among youth. Based on these items, Canada must be opened up as efficiently and safely as possible. There are serious damages from lockdowns clearly outlined such as depression, obesity, drug addiction, alcoholism, and loss of income. All which seriously impact people’s ability to live and live well, which is the whole point of living as a Canadian.

Randy Hillier started with the point of regaining a moral compass so the nation can regain true Canadian values. That was the heart of his message. With that, he mentioned how Canadians are losing their ability to express themselves, as censorship is on the rise in the media, online, and with liberals who are chomping at the bit to crack down on anyone who doesn’t agree with their messaging. He discussed how freedom has been clearly thrown to the wayside for a false sense of security. Canada’s government is lawless in how much laws have been created to remove freedom from Canadians. No justification from actual science, research, and data, which constantly evolves to reflect reality and truth, has been used to enforce these lockdowns. Only speculation and irrational fear of the semi-unknown, and likely pride from these people who cannot admit that their response to COVID was wrong. Canadians must recognize this and do their best to support ending the lockdowns as soon as possible.

“Science is not a moral authority” was the first thing that Pastor Michael Theissen said to open his part. He goes on to say that science must be used for the greater good but does not determine the greater good, and it cannot be used to overthrow constitutional law that is rooted in the supremacy of God. God must remain as Canada’s moral authority. The government cannot add laws that take away from the freedom and dominion of everyone, and the people must stand up against these illegal lockdowns, in the name of their God given rights.

Maxime Bernier began his speech in French and makes clear for French-Canadians the importance of ending the lockdowns. He emphasized reopening the economy and preventing the further violation of Canadian’s rights and freedoms. “It was supposed to be 2 weeks to flatten the curve.” He also states that no other country has been locked down for this long and this lockdown experiment has failed.  He notes that the Canadian population is suffering from lack of adequate medical care on other issues such as cancer and missed surgeries more than COVID itself. Bernier states that vaccine passports cannot be used ever. “We will never accept it, it is not the Canadian way.” The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is the only Canadian political party that is against lockdowns and any other tyrannical measures that have been imposed by the current parties in charge. “This COVID hysteria must end.”

They then opened the stage to questions, many of them being in French directed at Bernier. Sloan discussed being against a carbon tax and Erin O’Toole’s rescinding of his pledge to not make a carbon tax. A question was posed that asked if Canadians who are relatively non-political are agreeing with ending the lockdowns, why are more politicians and political parties not getting on board with the end the lockdown caucus? “It’s a failure of courage” Sloan said, and that these politicians need to make decisions and pick a side, they need to stop being afraid of “colouring outside the lines.”

Hillier said that many politicians are going along with these gross rules and aren’t thinking about the future implications to their children and grandchildren, which are of the utmost importance. “Their future is worth it.” He also went on to mention multiple people at the municipal who had been removed from their positions just for being on the end the lockdown caucus. People such as Steven VanLeeuwen removed from being deputy mayor in Centre Wellington and mayor David Blysma removed from the covid health committee in West Lincoln. “Covid is being used to beat people into submission.”

Mr. Sloan was directed with a question that asked about vitamin D levels being vital to improving health in general; that on the Health Canada website it does not reflect this in their recommendations, and if this could be changed to reflect the truth. He stated that the only way it would change is from the government level, but they can spread the correct information through the end the lockdown caucus and recommended the public take vitamin D and expose themselves to sunlight. This was the final question and ended off the press conference.