Erin O’Toole has shown his true colours as a globalist red tory. Politically competent conservatives warned voters during the 2020 CPC leadership race, and their warnings evidently fell upon deaf ears. During the leadership race, O’Toole marketed himself as a principled “True Blue” conservative, in an attempt to contrast himself from his political rival, Peter McKay, who embraced an openly centrist vision for the party. This strategy clearly was successful as many social conservatives and traditional Blue Torries selected O’Toole to be their first or second choice when casting their ballot. As a result of this, he had enough votes to beat out McKay and win the leadership race. 

O’Toole was given the opportunity and ability to change his rhetoric and his policy to more accurately reflect the desires of a true conservative. O’toole decided to go in the opposite direction. Instead of implementing a true conservative Canada First agenda, he has lead the party as a centrist that is too scared to step on any toes, constantly attempting to appease his enemies. O’Toole is a suit, willing to say whatever is necessary to get elected. 

 Most of his solutions to any number of pressing issues are virtually indistinguishable from Trudeau’s. For example, O’Toole has expressed support for Trudeau’s immigration plan which would see Canada increase its legal immigration numbers by 117%. He has yet to come up with his own concrete policy regarding immigration. 

O’Toole claimed he was pro-free speech while running for leader, defending Derek Sloan after the MP received flak for his remarks regarding Dr. Theresa Tam, during the leadership campaign. Sloan had ideological differences and was a true social conservative, and once O’Toole was elected he backtracked and threw Sloan under the proverbial bus, expelling him from the party.  

O’Toole has remained silent on the Trudeau government’s numerous attacks on free speech, including Bill C-16, which criminalizes misgendering an individual. He even previously supported bill C-279, which was proposed by an NDP member of Parliament in 2013, which If passed, would have resulted in self-declared gender as a protected identity within the Criminal Code of Canada. 

O’Toole continuously states that he’s pro-choice and even recently voted against a bill that would ban sex-selective abortions.In a recent poll 84% of Canadians disagreed with the practice.  

He has positioned himself as a strong ally of the LGBTQ+ community and is in favour of same-sex “marriage”, believes that homosexual couples should receive the same adoption rights, and advocates for gay individuals to have the choice to donate blood. Erin has never stood up for Christians and has yet to speak on the religious persecution they face on a daily basis in Canada. 

As conservatives, We must ask ourselves, what have they truly conserved over the past few years? How is O’Toole considered even remotely conservative?  

Party policy on immigration, free speech, social issues and now the Carbon Tax, are the same as the Liberals. Federal Conservative leadership has bent the knee to Trudeau at every possible turn. At this point, O’Toole is just a copy of Trudeau advocating for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility. 

Erin O’Toole has demonstrated that he cares more about positive articles written about him in the Globe and Mail than he does fulfilling the wishes of his voters or being a true conservative. He is but a liar, globalist, and although he might trick you into believing he is your friend, rest assured he is your enemy. He is an opportunist and attempts to subvert the efforts of true conservatives, nationalists and individuals who want to put Canada First at every turn. He does not care about you, your family or this nation and he will not fight for anything we hold dear.