Parishioners of the Gracelife Church in Edmonton have been barred from worship in the name of “health and safety”. The freedom to worship in this country is essential. Canada is a Christian nation founded on Christian values, and a Christian texture of life. Christians must not tolerate the persecution of their faith, especially as the majority religious demographic in Canada. 

The fake news media remains silent. They write heartlessly, refusing to label the Christian protestors and churchgoers, as Christians. An estimated 300 Christians were vilified for singing hymns and wanting to worship God in their own church, on their own terms. Muslims and Jews have not been persecuted in the same way Christians have been in Canada. Mosques, synagogues, and temples remain virtually untouched as Christians and churches are routinely targeted by the government. The government does not get to decide when Canadians can or cannot go to Church. That is up to a Christian. 

Christian protestors were disparaged by claims that they were parked on indigenous land. The police routinely created arbitrary barriers for protesters, Christians, and Canadians to jump over. The protesters are not the villains here, regardless of what the fake news media communicates to otherwise ignorant Canadians. 

A sizable section of the protesting crowd were chanting “leave the fence alone!” as a second group of righteous protesters began to tear the fence down. Isn’t the goal of the protest to remove the fencing around the church? The entire point of organizing was to fight for the freedom to congregate in a place of worship. Spineless protestors caved into police demands, aiding the police in re-erecting the very fence that stood between them, and their place of worship. In this moment, a symbolic barrier was additionally erected. Not only do Canadians have physical walls barring them, but mental barriers entrenched in decades of faux-conservative propaganda, based on the dogma of liberalism. 

As the story develops, we pray that these brothers and sisters in Christ can go back to worshipping as they had before the pandemic. Their continued salvation is much more important than the government sanctioned “health and safety” measures that were unjustly imposed unto them. 

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