TORONTO – The Ryerson Conservatives have once again voiced their disapproval of Premier Doug Ford’s radical lockdown restrictions, disavowing Ford and the recently announced public health measures. Ford has announced that interprovincial travel will be restricted, with police checkpoints enforcing these restrictions by turning away non-essential travelers. In addition to instating police-state checkpoints, Ford has further restricted outdoor activities, such as golf and camping. 

In a statement released on Saturday, April 17th, 2021, the Ryerson Conservatives stated the following. 

“The Ontario government’s extension and expansion of the stay-at-home order yesterday was deeply troubling – and to the Ryerson Conservatives – unacceptable. Restricting people’s ability to worship, travel, and gather freely is not conservative. Furthermore, giving police the freedom to arbitrarily stop and harass citizens and demand to know where they are going is a policy tailor made for Communist China, not Ontario. 
The damage these lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have had and will continue to have on the mental and economic health of this province will far outlast the immediate effects of this pandemic. When the virus is behind us, Canadians will have to reckon with the truth that in these last years, their elected leaders took advantage of the situation to push radical political agendas, and in other cases used the boot of government to stomp on the rights and livelihoods of those they are sworn to protect under the guise of public health. 
Our club cannot and will not support the government’s restrictions on the liberty of Ontarians. At the moment, we are the only campus group to publicly speak out against these lockdowns, but we hope that our persistence will motivate others to do the same. 
Conservatives in this province and this country must remember the fundamental truth that rights come first, and begin to speak up, regardless of whatever consequences or punishments may come their way. We are willing to take whatever is thrown at us, because loyalty to a political party is not more important than loyalty to one’s own conscience. 
A real conservative party would never support these measures.” 

The Ryerson Conservatives hope that their disavowal of the Progressive Conservative’s out of touch and inept leader will help other student groups come forward to voice their approval for freedom as well. The Progressive Conservative party has the ability to hold jobs, funding, and contacts over the heads of dissenting members and student groups, leading to many campus conservative clubs voicing their frustration with the direction of the party behind the scenes, yet never going public with their dismay. 

This conservative student group is notorious for refusing to tow the party line, routinely stepping outside the box to advocate for freedom, nationalism, and real conservative values. After having many prominent Canadian conservatives as guest speakers for their club, they have taken a stand, clearly aligning themselves with the pro-freedom social conservatives both federally and provincially. Erin O’Toole and Doug Ford’s brand of “conservatism” clearly doesn’t represent the real conservatives of generation Z, the future of the Conservative Party, and the future of Canadian conservatism. 

In the midst of Erin O’Toole rapidly reshaping the federal Conservative Party of Canada into a “liberal-lite” shell of what it once was, the young voices of generation Z see an opportunity to take a stand against politicians that reject basic Canadian conservative values. With spineless conservative “leaders” siding with leftists, becoming indistinguishable from their “opponents”, it has become abundantly clear that dissent is needed in order to restore freedom. The Canadian way of life is under attack, and only we the people are able to preserve our rights. 

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